Class 1-2 IBB 2016/17

Plants, Plants, Plants

This term in Class 1/2 we are looking at plants. To start off our topic, we thought about how plants were similar to and different from each other. Then we did some planting ourselves. We will see how our broad beans, sunflowers and mint grow over time. We have also looked at how different seeds can vary in size and shape. Check out this cocoa bean that Nathan brought all the way back from Sierra Leone!

Fire Station Visit

We went to Forest Hill Fire Station! We learnt about how to stay safe if there is a fire and what the firemen do to help people. Afterwards, we wrote some detailed recounts of our trip. You can read all about it in our classroom!


Year 1 have been working on their number bonds and the inverse. We are really confident with bonds to 5 and 10 now so we are working on the numbers in between!

Den building for some special friends!

Before Christmas, Reception class asked us if we could build a waterproof shelter for their teddies to hibernate in over the holidays. We tried lots of different materials to create our shelters and split into two teams. We discovered that bubble wrap was particularly effective and both of our shelters managed to protect the teddies from getting wet. I am happy to report that the teddies remained safe and dry over the holidays and are now back in the care of Reception Class!


We have now brought out bulbs out of the dark and have put them on the window sill. Some seem to have grown more than others, but we are hopeful that they will all continue to flourish. We are excited to see how they will be judged in a couple of months time!

IRIE Drumming Session

Zozo came to do a workshop with us. it was our first experience of drumming…and we loved it! We are hoping that we can arrange to have some more workshops in the future!

Book Week

During book week we spent an afternoon in Reception reading our favourite story books to the children. We read to the children and talked with them about the story. We really enjoyed spending time with the little ones!

Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day. We wrote some prayers for soldiers and made our own poppies. These will be on display downstairs next week.

The London Flower Society Competition

This week we have been busy planting our bulbs for the flower competition. They will now be kept in the dark for 10 weeks. We will make sure we water them too.


Throughout the year we will be studying ‘Seasonal changes’ in Science. To get us thinking about changes that we see around us, we looked at different trees across the seasons and sorted them. We will soon be going on a trip to Mayow Park to get a closer look at the changes that are happening around us and to collect items for our investigation table. We have also started work on some Autumnal art, which will be going on display in the classroom soon!


This half term, we are learning about kings and queens. To start our topic, we dressed up as kings and queens and wrote about what we would do if we were a king or queen.