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Our Bees have arrived in Mayow Park!

We went to visit Erika at Mayow Park garden. She showed us the bee cabin,  which is behind one of the ponds as it is safer for the bees.
Our buff tailed bumble bees have a white tail and two thin yellow stripes on their thorax.
There are about 40 workers but there is only one queen. She doesn’t usually leave the cabin. It usually takes about three weeks for the larva to hatch into a bee.
Our Lady and St Philip Neri managed to get the funding for our hive by applying for a grant from the NSEW (National Science and Engineering Week) team during our successful Science Week in March 2014.
The money paid for the bee colony and the cabin. Erika was able to get match funding so we got two hives for the price of one! A plaque will be created to show that we are sponsoring the project.
Class 5 have started the Bee Project and are planting lavender plants at the Infants to encourage native species of solitary bumblebees.
We are also keeping Bee logs.
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