Learning about how we learn…

Mrs Ronan did an assembly with us. The assembly was about learning and how we learn. The children had to tell everyone words that explained the way in which they learn and what made them a good learner. (Chinemerem – class 5)

We shared our answers with each other and Mrs Ronan wrote them down for us to hold up. We had a long line of words at the end. When we grow up we still need to be really good learners because we will keep on learning forever. If we become excellent learners then we will be able to learn anything. (Elizabeth – class 5)

When you are older if you want to be someone who goes to the moon in a rocket, you would have to be a good mathematician. You would have to work out how much fuel you would need to get you to the moon and back and you would need to be a great learner to learn how to do that! (Michael – class 5)

Have a look at the long line of words. Are you a good learner?

*In the rush to write down all of the children’s ideas Mrs Ronan spelt ‘concentrating’ wrong! She apologises.