Winter Challenge – Science Meets Literacy!


The Winner of the Winter Science Competition was Ananya from Class 5. She won a Kids Infopedia!

” I wanted to see if all the different dyes in water would freeze and what they would look like. We put the dye into the water at night and then slept and in the morning they were frozen solid! They look like jewels! When they were out, they melted but we took a picture first.”

The Background

Class five made decorations for the character of the Snow Queen to hang on an evergreen holly tree in the playground. We had been learning about how water can be a solid, a liquid or a gas in science and decided to used our knowledge to create decorations fit for a Snow Queen!

Lydia ” ….we can wait for the water to freeze, then we can hang it up and it will be solid.”
David ” Look! The ice is starting to melt!”
Solomon “……my hands are warm so I won’t touch the ice because it will melt faster.”
Nana “I wrote my name on the bench. When I breath on the glass I can write my name on the window!”

The Challenge

KS1 challenge
Try freezing water in different shaped containers. Ask a grown up to help you use different colours too.
KS2 challenge
What sorts of objects would you freeze in your decoration?
What sort of weather and temperatures would we need to stop the decorations from melting?
Try making your own decorations at home. Would a salty solution melt more slowly or more quickly than a sugary one?
Try asking a grown up if you could freeze different liquids……which ones have a freezing point that is lower than water?
Send pictures to Mrs Barlow care of H Dawkins :
Prizes and certificates for the winners! Closing Date: Monday 2nd February 2015.