WHY Festival

Our Trip To Southbank Centre

Today Friday 23 October 2015, Mr Barber, Erika R Benjamin, Eduardo, Joshie and I all went to Southbank centre for a peace mosaic. First of all, we put see through gloves on then a lady painted our hands so when we touched the plastic glass it would leave our handprints, those handprints represented Our School and World Peace. After this we went into a building which had loads of activity’s, the first one we did was a balancing game and apparently we’re all great at balancing on one foot. Then we answered certain questions and at the end it told us who we were, all of us apart from Benjamin got 10 tokens, he got 8. Then we walked through a hole in the wall which led to a room with 4 jobs you’d like when you’re older, we put our tokens in the chest which were next to them and then the guide gave us a blue piggy bank each. The last thing we did was each of us drew a picture of someone giving a hug, and then we drew emoji’s about World Peace. After this long day we still had about an hour left so Mr Barber took us to the London Aquarium, he said it was a treat as we were behaving well. Luckily we didn’t have to pay because they saw that we were a part of the peace mosaic. In the aquarium we saw sharks, jellyfish, lionfish, catfish, seahorses, penguins and many more types of sea creatures. We went to the adventure park for 10 minutes before getting on the train.

This was a really fun day; we met so many people and had so much fun.

By Rebecca T Class 11

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