Author Visit at the Infants

In October KS1 were treated to a visit from a real author! They joined Thiago de Moraes for a fun filled workshop around his book ‘The Zoomers Handbook’.

The children worked alongside Thiago in creating their very own Zoomer, which was half farm animal, half wild animal. Many children then bought books and got them signed by Thiago.

A little bit about the book:

This is not a handbook for farmers. Farmers look after chickens, cows and pigs. Anyone can do that. This is not a handbook for zookeepers. Zookeepers look after monkeys, elephants and lions. That’s easy. This is a handbook for zoomers. Zoomers look after very special beasts… Discover the secret of the shiger’s stripy wool, the challenges of owning a loyal but gigantic dogephant and the special skills of the super-fast horsodile in this mind-bending, creature-blending debut from husband and wife team Thiago and Ana de Moraes.