Summer Concert

A Mind blowing Event

 On Monday 27th June, on Sydenham Road, at 6pm Our Lady and St Philip Neri School went to their church and put on a fantastic concert. Mrs. Ewens the music teacher, lead them through the concert. The concert included: musical recorders, a fantastic ensemble group, a brass band, the school choir and some confident solos.
The concert began with a lively fanfare played by the school band. Next came some of their assembly songs. After, the school played a selection of recorder songs. The show continued with lovely songs by the ensemble, then it all ended with loud songs by the band. It was wonderful.
The audience loved it, so I bet the school did and it looked like Mrs. Ewens was very happy. The songs were fun and full of actions. The microphone went off twice in two songs, but I was happy to see the solos still carried on.
It was a fantastic experience and night, a big thank you to Father Luke for letting the school use the church stage and thank you to Mrs. Ewens for setting everything up, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a concert.         By Ruby Class 7


Here are a few photos to share with you.

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