Year 2&3 Overnight Bushcamp

Children from years 2 and 3 enjoyed a very authentic Bush Craft night at the infants last Friday. They learnt some basic survival techniques such as how to create a fire from natural objects and  they all had to prepare and cook their own evening meal over the campfire.

We began the evening setting up our beds for the night followed by our safety talk and then quickly got involved in lighting our own fires. We were not allowed to leave the fire pit until we had lit our fire and then we went to prepare our evening meals.

On the menu we had:

Macaroni cheese and bacon pasta bake


Sausage and conchiglie bake

Vegetarian pasta bake

Freshly made bread

Each team washed, prepared and cooked their meals in cast iron pots over the fire. Whilst the food was cooking we all took part in our Bush Tucker Trials! Have a look at the pictures to see what we got up to!

Around 9pm we sat down to enjoy our evening meal together watching the sun set. We then took turns making toasted marshmallows and smores – ask the children…these were amazing!!

Once the tidying up and washing up was over, we got into our pyjamas and all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. We then took to the school grounds searching for bats and wildlife with our torches. We also had to find the glow sticks which had been hidden around the grounds. At 11.15 we finally settled down in our sleeping bags to watch a film and lights went out at 12.15. Needless to say everyone was asleep by 12.16! Four very tired teachers began waking at 5.30am and the children were awake by 7am. After packing up our things ready for home, the children were treated to a delicious breakfast. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their very authentic experience and were keen to tell those who had missed out all about it. The staff who also had a wonderful time were keen to get to their beds that night!

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