Science Week begins on March 19th 2018

It’s almost that time of year again with Science Week approaching fast and we have some special events planned.

There will be Parent Scientist Assembly, a Scientist Day when KS2 classes will be exploring a scientist from the past, and, Ian Dunne, a visiting Scientist Showman will be performing for KS2.

All classes will have an investigation day based on their current science topic.

The Infants will host a Q&A with a member of the medical profession. More on this soon!

The Infants will be exploring the world of magnified images and having a guess at what the photographs might be. There will be an image a day and the winning student will get an out of this world prize!

This will give the younger children the chance to explore man-made and natural materials as well as living and non-living.

Here is an image to wet your appetite!​