On the 8th November we visited Hall Place in Bexley. We had two fantastic workshops, one where the children got to sit down at a long table, in an old Tudor kitchen and be served different foods depending on which end of the table they were sat. They each got given a hat and told what their role was. The poor end were very jealous of the wonderful food the head table were given (all plastic sadly!). We then got to dress up as Tudors and even do a dance! We learnt some unpleasant facts about Tudor hygiene too!
We have recently made Tudor Houses as part of our Topic work.We studied images of Tudor houses and discussed how they were built. We sketch our own drawings of how the beams were designed. We then made our own houses out of a cereal box so the class now has a miniature Tudor village!
We had a Cultural Food Tasting afternoon and got to try food from many different countries. Some children dressed up in their National dress. We all loved trying the tasty food and thanks to the parents who provided it!

Curriculum Map 3MC