We measured each other’s heights and recorded the results in a table. Some of us then moved on to plot our findings on a line graph.

Summer Curriculum 4AA

We made Viking Longships using mudrock. It did get a little bit messy!

Viking Workshop

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Spring curriculum Map 4AA
We have been learning to write dialogue between characters from The Iron Man. To help us prepare, we got in role and acted out the scenes in groups.
We have been learning to make a sequence of steps together for dance this term. We have based the dance on how the Iron Man from our class text might move.
The Digestive System
We enjoyed baking gingerbread men. We learnt that the very fortunate ate this spiced treat during Tudor times and decided to make a batch (or 5)
On Thursday 22nd November, we enjoyed a day out at Hall Place. We learned about Tudor food, costumes, housing and dance and thoroughly enjoyed our experience there. We represented the school very well, dressing in traditional Tudor costumes and learning the ways of life during those times.

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We were privileged to work with Mrs Rios on Monday 29th October when she came in to help us learn about the names of fruit and vegetables in Spanish. The children had the opportunity to choose their favourite fruit and vegetables, enjoy a fruit salad and play some games. We are very grateful to Mrs Rios for her help and we had a fantastic morning with her.

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Curriculum Autumn 4AA
Curriculum Map 4AA