Black History Month

At OLSPN we celebrated Black History Month in different ways. Each class group looked a different aspect of Black culture and history giving us a well rounded view as a whole school. Here are the topics each class looked at:

Early Years & 1LB – African and Caribbean traditional tales

1-2IBB & 2AJ – Notable and influential Black people

3VH & 3-4EM – The Ancient Civilisation of Benin

4SBC & 5AH – Apartheid

5-6AB & 6EH – Transatlantic Slave Trade

The work they produced was then put on display at the respective site for parents to enjoy after school. Some classes have also added pictures to their class page so please take the time to visit individual class pages.

Classes 4SBC and 5AH also celebrated a multicultural afternoon together. Children were given the opportunity to share their individual cultures and backgrounds with their friends through food, fashion and music.