Class 1/2IBB 17/18

Viking Longboats
Our History topic this term is Travel and Transport. We’ve been learning about different types of transport across history, including the penny farthing and the sedan chair. This week, we learned about the Vikings and their longboats. We looked at photographs of the remains of real Viking longboats discovered by archaeologists and learned a bit about the Vikings and why they travelled. After this, we made our own Viking longboats in partners. We used cereal boxes, tissue paper, lolly sticks, straws and PVA glue. We worked very hard on them and the boats were finished in just one afternoon!

We have been learning all about significant nurses from the past. First, we researched Florence Nightingale. Then we found out about Mary Seacole. We even wrote some little books about her life. Did you know that when Mary Seacole was a little girl, she used to practise her nursing on her doll? We all had fun role playing as nurses and doctors!


 1/2 IBB Autumn term curriculum map

Creating Collages
This term, we will be learning all about abstract art and creating some art of our own. We started by learning the primary colours: red, blue and yellow. We then used these colours to create our own collages inspired by Piet Mondrian, a famous abstract artist.