Class 3 2015/16

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Traditional Tales

Class 3 have been looking at warm colours and colour mixing.

Art class 3 1 art class 3


Class 3 have been busy looking at traditional tales and using drama to retell the story of Cinderella.

Art Lessons

Class 3 have been looking at warm colours and colour mixing.

Class 3 have been looking at warm and cool colours in art. We had fun looking at the colour green and mixing colours.

Dram4All Workshop

On Tuesday 26th April we had Dram4All Perform theatre company come in and work with the children at the infants. The workshop was inspired by Peter Pan and the children thoroughly enjoyed getting into role as some of the characters especially Captain Hook!

Nature Walk

Class 3 visited Mayow park to see what they could find in nature now that it is spring.

Ballet Black

The infants were lucky to have ‘Ballet Black’ come to the infants to teach the children some dance moves.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed learning some new dance moves.


Class 3 had great fun learning all about space during science week.  We got to learn all about the planets and what it must be like to be in space.  We made our own mini rockets and had fun making them fly around the classroom.

Horton Kirby

Class 3 had a fantastic time at Horton Kirby. We went on a ‘Bear Hunt’ through mud, rivers, grass and had to use maps and compasses to look for clues until we found our bear.

class 3 2

Easter Fun!

Class 3

Chinese New Year

Class 3 celebrated Chinese New Year by finding out about how the event is celebrated.


The infants were lucky enough to have ‘Perform’ come into school to do some drama workshops with the children. The theme of the workshops was superheroes saving the planet from an ecological disaster. All classes had a great time.



Class 3 were asked to design and make a 3 dimensional rocket out of junk materials as part of a homework project.  We were all very impressed by the fantastic rockets that the children made.  They really used their imaginations and worked very hard to produce such amazing models.

‘It’s a Party!’

Class 3 enjoyed dressing up for their Nativity performance – It’s a Party!

Black History Month

Shania’s mum came in to share some Anansi stories with the class and also share some traditional Caribbean food with us. She spoke to the class about Jamaica was like. She made some bun with cheese and plantain with dumplings, which we all tried and loved!

For ‘Black History Month’ we looked at Martin Luther King and we also thought about what kind of world we would like to live in.   We were lucky enough to have some parents make us some African food and we dressed up and made some portraits of Martin Luther King.

Counting on in Maths

Vincent Van Gogh