Class 4 2015/16

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Aboriginal Art

Here are some pictures of the children with their Aboriginal dot paintings. The children used cotton buds and traditional colours. The children painted Australian animals.

Ballet Black

On Wednesday 20th April Class 4 took part in a fantastic dance workshop with dance company Ballet Black.

Horton Kirby

Our completed nests!

Easter Baking

Easter Bonnets

Eggsalent Easter bonnets from these creative class 4 kids!

Father Christmas visits Class 4


Last half term children were learning about explorers, particularly Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. Over the half term holidays children had the challenge of building a rocket or a ship. These are just some of the fantastic rockets that were built!


Children were retelling the story of baby Moses through role play during their RE lesson.

Self – Portraits

The self portraits were from the beginning of the year. Our Science Topic is – animals including humans. Children used mirrors to draw themselves. Understanding that everyone is different. Looking at body parts, focussing on facial features.