Class 4 SBC 2016/17

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by looking at different traditions around the world. We also ate pancakes which were really yummy and we made a small mess!
Like the rest of the Juniors we have jumped on the skipping bandwagon! We even skip every morning for 2 minutes to promote a healthy lifestyle. Here are pictures from the event that started it all.
As part of our geography unit we visited London Zoo. We saw lots of different animals such as lions, gorillas, giraffes, snakes and more. Since our trip was focused mostly on the rainforest environment we became rainforest explorers, looking for different rainforest animals in their habitat and testing the humidity and temperature.


As part of our Tudor study this term we recently visited the National Portrait Gallery in central London. We learnt a lot about Tudor fashion and even had time to visit Buckingham Palace!​
As part of our Tudor unit 4SBC visited Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre! We were given the opportunity to stand on the stage and recite lines from one of his plays.
“What country, friends, is this?”
We also learnt about the history of the building and why the theatre was so important during the Tudor period.
 We celebrated a multicultural afternoon together with Class 5AH. We were given the opportunity to share our individual cultures and backgrounds with our friends through food, fashion and music.
In Class 4SBC we looked at Apartheid for Black History Month. We had a guest speaker come in an introduce us to the topic. We looked at the book Journey to Jo’burg by Beverly Naidoo and used this as a foundation for our art, drama and written work.


We are learning about the bones in our body in science. We had to put together the bones correctly to make a skeleton.


 We have been looking at the Tudors in history. We recently drew ourselves in the style of rich Tudors.