Class 5 2015/16

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Minibeasts and Reptiles

How does you garden grow? 

How does your garden grow?
Potatoes, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, Buddleia and green beans as well as a variety of herbs.
We plan to make our own organic salad with dressing!

Plant Investigations

Class five are still investigating plants at any opportunity! Mr Richard found an acorn that had germinated and Camila planted an apple seed which germinated too. Meanwhile we have all planted our spider plant ‘babies’ and will be taking them home soon. Thank you for those, Mrs Lamey! We promise to water them regularly.

Class 5 Meeting Man’s Best Friend – The Dog’s Trust

Traditional Scottish Dancing – Celebrating the Queen’s Birthday

Week Two – The Chicks

Day 10:

The chicks are visiting morning nursery today. The children have noticed some feathers in amongst the fluffy down of most of the chicks.

Gently does it…

Day 9:

The chicks are growing rapidly and getting through two bowls of feed a day. They were ravenous this morning!

Penguins and Dolphins host the chicks this morning!

Chicks on Holiday

Over the weekend the class 5 chicks took up residence at Mrs Ronan’s house. There were two very excited little boys awaiting their arrival! They had a lovely time at their weekend abode and have come back to school even bigger than before with new adult wings forming!

The journey home and meeting their new weekend carers!

We made the chicks some gourmet Spinach and Toast…yum yum!

The chicks got a spring clean and they also spent some time in the garden where it was nice and warm.

We had a couple of staring matches with the chicks…the chicks won! And every time this little chick’s brothers and sisters went to sleep, he would chirp VERY loudly until someone came out to say hello!

We had some life drawing sessions whilst the chicks were in residence!

We loved having our 9 fluffy guests to stay with us and although we were sad to say goodbye to them we know that they must go back to the farm to be reunited with their mummy!

 Art in Class 5

We are working on out pointillist skills!

Our Chicks Have Arrived! 

Day Five: It’s almost the weekend and our nine chicks ( 3 girls and 6 boys) are settled and at home in their brooding box. We can hardly tell Tiny apart from the others now! Of course, we can’t leave them alone all weekend so they will be staying with Mrs Ronan for two nights. It will be like a little holiday for them. See you on Monday, little chicks! Mrs Ronan will have weekend updates for you on Monday.

Before we said goodnight to our fluffy friends we moved Tiny in, to be with his brothers and sisters in the brooder box. I’m sure he will be a lot happier with his family tonight.

Day Four – Latest: Tiny is the latest chick. He is all alone with one unhatched egg so we decided to provide company and placed a picture of some chicks on the side of the incubator. Hopefully they will keep him company. He will be moved in with his brothers and sisters tonight.


Day Four Update: No.9 has arrived!

Day Four Update:  looks like chick nine is making his or her way out!

Day Four: chicks are now in their brooder box complete with feed and water!

End of Day Three: End of day three and eight chicks have hatched. Two more by tomorrow? We hope so!

Day Three: And then there were four! They need to dry fully before being transferred to the habitat.
Part two later:) cheep cheep


Day two: Class five monitored the eggs for two minutes at a time in pairs. We are seeing much more movement now.

Day one: class five have ten eggs in an incubator. We thought we saw one move!

Year 2 finish their SATs!

We had a little party and an extended playtime on Friday. We even made our own peach jelly. It was yummy!

Clay Tiles – From Horton Kirby

Class five are decorating their fired, clay tiles this week. We started with a base coat.
After the paint had dried, we had a colour mixing session and went on to decorate in all the colours of the rainbow!
Final touches to come with a varnish of PVA for a shiny finish.

Our pre-varnished tiles.

Our clay tiles are fired, painted and finally, varnished to a lovely shine! Super work class five!

Alert Heat Wave! 

Class give have been a little worried about the seedlings after our heat wave last weekend.
We will be keeping them out of direct sunlight while it lasts. Fingers crossed!

Class Assembly

We had a great turn out for our assembly this week and a lovely time was had by performers and audience alike. We acted out The Good Samaritan, sang some new songs and recited a poem we had learnt by heart. After the assembly , we invited parents to come and look at and speculate about our Rocket Seed experiment. Which seeds do you think have been in anti-gravity for three months?

Day 17 – Rocket Experiment

The children had to check on the progress of the blue and red pack seedlings. They counted and recorded how many from each tray had not germinated so that a percentage of growing seedlings could be calculated for each tray. At the moment, 15 Red and 13 Blue have not germinated so it’s neck and neck. There is greater variance with the Blue trays- despite rotation and keeping conditions stable for all trays, Blue tray one 1 – 25 has 96% alive ( the highest of all the trays) and Blue Tray two 26 – 50 has 68% alive ( the lowest of all the trays).
Have a close look at the leaves, they are beginning to take on more of a rocket leaf shape now!

Science Seeds Update

Class 5 have been keeping a close eye on all the seedlings for the last week and they all seem to be thriving despite the long weekend without us!
This week sees us working out what percentage of seeds have grown in each unit both red and blue. The figures below show numbers of seeds that have not grown:

Tray blue 1-25 :1
Tray Blue 26-50 :6
Tray Blue 51-75: 1
Tray Blue 76-100: 3

Tray Red 1-25: 4
Tray Red 26-50: 3
Tray Red 51-75: 3
Tray Red 76-100: 4

11 (%) out of 100 Blues have not germinated ( yet).
14 (%) out of 100 Red have not germinated ( yet).
But which ones are from space? Human error meant that there was double planting and the smaller seedling had to be removed……..there’s still time though.
Watch out for updates!

Plant Art

Class five have been using a variety of media to draw, sketch and paint the plants they have been growing. We used water colour, acrylics, charcoal, graphite and pastels. We are practising observation skills and looking closely as we attempt to get the shape, size and colour right. It was a fun afternoon with Miss Ajaj setting up a carousel so that we could try everything out. What a great learning experience!

Rocket from Space

Here’s the latest update on our research for astronaut Tim Peakes.
We are on Weds 27th April – Day seven of the experiment. Most of the seeds have germinated and we continue to water and rotate them to maintain fair test conditions. At present there is little difference between the red and blue packets.
On day 17 we need to work out what percentage of the seeds have not germinated.
We have also chosen 5 random numbers from each tray using a random number generator in readiness for day 21 when we will be taking our first measurements.
More soon.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Class five did some shared writing and sent a 90th birthday message to the queen! We wondered if she would get a new crown or two ( as the ones she has are probably quite old by now), some new dresses and perfume. Some of us wanted to know if her favourite cake flavour is Victoria Sponge. Perhaps she will have a cake named after her this year!


Drama4all – Perform

Class five really enjoyed their drama workshop today delivered by none other than Peter Pan!
Never Never Land really is anywhere you want it to be:-)

20/4/16 – Afternoon

The seeds are now watered and in their positions on the window ledge facing the afternoon sun.
We have placed them alternately to make sure the trays get the same amount of sun. We will also rotate the trays on each ledge so they shift position daily. The trays will be rotated 180 degrees every two days. Very exciting, we really are scientists!

Day 2 – Space Seeds

We plant one seed in each cell being careful to keep the blue and red seeds separate.
Each member of the class has randomly selected a number between 1 – 100 red or blue to keep a special eye on. We wonder what might happen. Here are some of our ideas:
One lot may grow faster than the other
One lot may grow taller than the other
The ones from space might take longer and maybe try to grow downwards!
What do you think the difference will be, if any?
Watch this space (hee hee, see what we did there:-))

Our Space Seeds Arrive

Which seeds have been in zero gravity aboard the ISS with Tim Peakes? We don’t know! This will make our experiment a fair test.
We have prepared the trays, compost and seed holes at 2cm deep. We have labelled the cells 1 – 100 Blue and 1 – 100 Red.
We have looked at and tasted rocket leaves in class and will plant tomorrow!

Ballet Black

Class 5 had their very own workshop with the wonderful Ballet Black dance company.

More signs of life in Mayow Park

Can you identify the blossom? How would you classify mushrooms? Why is it getting warmer?
What did class five spot in the trees?

Bird Watching 

We have noticed a family of birds using the bird box in the Infant playground this week. They are very shy so if you want to see their comings and goings you will have to be very still and quiet.
Class Five used the natural green camouflage of the school uniform to get down with the bird life in Mayow Park this week.
We used our senses to explore this most exciting sign of Spring and even tried to tempt them with what was left of our bird cake seeds. They didn’t seem too bothered!

Have a look at the RSPB site. There’s lots about birds, their habits, where to find them and how to identify them.


Class five have been investigating seeds and plant growth. We asked questions such as, ‘Will a seed still germinate without soil?’ and ‘Will the plant still grow if we only planted half the seed or if we crushed the seed?’ We have also been growing beans in different parts of the classroom. We wonder which ones will grow quickest and why. At the moment, Micha’s bean is the tallest at over 30 cm in height!
class 5 1 class 5 2 class 5 3

Planting for Growth

Class five are RE-potting their veg into larger pots to give them room to grow strong and healthy.
Check out the beans emerging and our very first courgette shoots.

We have been closely observing the germination and growth of our seeds in class five. We have been particularly impressed with the hardy bean shoots emerging from the darkness of their compost beds!
The next step is to give some of them more space to grow. Bigger pots are called for. Watch this space!
After Easter our Seeds from the International Space Station arrive and we will be taking part in controlled growing experiments to observe and measure. Does previous. anti- gravity have any effect on growth when back on earth? What do you predict?

Answers to M A Barlow via Mrs Dawkins.

Horton Kirby

Barney introduced us to the environmental artworks by Andy Goldsworthy and class 5 then got stuck into creating their own sculpture of a centipede using natural materials such as logs, twigs, stones and leaves. Impressive!

After making the centipede, we got into groups to make our own natural sculptures.

We had a short playtime and then went on a river walk to gather our own resources to create individual works of art inspired by nature. We even had time for a game of Pooh Sticks!

A well deserved break for lunch. We were famished! Must be all that fresh air.

Using a delicate touch to construct patterns of colour and texture.

We were then introduced to the work of William Morris. We had a look at some clay tiles which used nature to build up a decorative picture in relief. We used pictures and drawings of leaves and berries to inspire us in our own designs.

Here are some of our wonderful designs. Horton Kirby will fire them for us and we look forward to painting and varnishing them after the Easter Break. Elizabeth Mary was crowned natural artist of the day! We had a brilliant time! Watch this space as we will be writing our own recounts of the day.


On Thursday, Mario took Class 4 and 5 into the Planetarium and so began our journey into space. We learnt about constellations, the stars and planets, the clockwork skies and the orbits that affect our seasons and daily routines. We also went into the International Space Station to see what life is like for Tim Peakes.
We can’t wait to receive our seeds from space. Our school has been chosen to take part in an experiment growing seeds that have been in a state of anti gravity on the ISS!


Spring has Sprung!

Class 5 are learning about plants during Science lessons this term and as part of our studies we are having a go at growing our own food. We will watch and wait in anticipation as we water and tend to our seedlings awaiting the signs of germination.
We will also be conducting investigations to see exactly what, why, where, when and how much of all sorts plants need to grow strong and healthy.
Later on we will be posting some instructions for planting so you can have a go too. Gardening group will be going outside to tend to the wildlife area on Wednesday afternoons under the expert guidance of Ben’s mum, Emily. WATCH THIS SPACE!

cls 5 1 cls 5 2 cls 5 3 cls 5 4 cls 5 5


We have been growing our crocus plants from bulb to flowering. Don’t they look beautiful!
We will replant them when they die so that they can have new life next Spring. Thanks be to God.

Crocus 2 Crocus

Shrove Tuesday

We have been making American pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We weighed all ingredients and times them by five to make enough for the whole class. We used scales and grams as well as litres and millilitres. See below if you would like to try them for yourself.

And the best part was…choosing our toppings and sharing with each other!

Tim Peake

We enjoyed the live link up with British astronaut, Tim Peakes on Tuesday 2nd February. It was really interesting to see and hear Tim in the ‘Cosmic Classroom’. We learnt about orbits being a bit like falling and the zero gravity on the ISS. Someone even asked what Tim could see out of the window right at that moment. It was North Africa. What a blast!

Class 5 Have Talent

Class five are a talented lot! Two of our girls showed off their cups, medals and rosettes for gymnastics and dance. Another young lady brought in a home made working model showing how lungs work. What are you great at?


We have been writing letters to our pen pals at St William of York Catholic Primary School.

penpal 2 penpal 3 penpal 4 penpal 5 penpal

Food Chains

In Science, class 5 have been investigating food chains. Who eats who and what they like best! We know that all food chains start with a producer/ plant and that we as humans are top of the food chain. What are you having for dinner?

Winter Poem

Look at our Winter Picture Poem! It’s inspired by all the sights, sounds, smells and feelings we get on a cold and frosty morning in our playground. We took part in a shared write with all the groups contributing. After that we had a go at writing our own lines while looking at the photographs we had taken earlier. Brrrrr!!

Growing in Class 5

Our crocus bulbs are looking good. Hope they survive the very cold weather and make it to Spring!

Reading in Class 5!

We Love Reading! We enjoy whole class, group, paired and independent reading every day in

Geography in Action!

In Geography we are looking at maps and directions. Nancy followed instructions and made this home made compass at home. Isn’t it fantastic!

Christmas Star Biscuits

We baked some star shaped biscuits in honour of Tim Peake, Britain’s first official astronaut into space. Tim will be spending six months at ISS ( international space station) which is 400km up and the size of a football pitch! The star biscuits will make fabulous Christmas presents too. Good luck, Tim!

Christmas Jumper Day

Class 5 don their Christmas jumpers in aid of VSO. Even Mr Richard joined in!

Christmas Displays

Come and see our marvellous gifts for the baby king, Jesus. We have also been writing acrostic poems as the temperatures plummet!

Christmas in Class 5

We are having a wonderful advent preparing for the Baby King, Jesus. We created special gifts for him and Father Christmas has also paid a visit! Our countdown is making us extra excited too!

Science – Sinking/Floating

Water water everywhere! We had a great time in the water area of The Garden at the Science Museum. We could affect the flow and speed of the water as well as change it’s direction using levers and pumps sending our ships on their way. Or we could just have a jolly good time getting rather wet!

The Science Museum

Class five enjoyed exploring the materials gallery though some of us took a little convincing that the glass bridge was quite safe to walk on. Some of us even saw an astronaut in the space gallery!


Science – Patterns and Light

Class five had a lovely learning experience in the Pattern Pod on Friday 20th November. We explored patterns that we find in our natural and man made world. Some of us made our own digital patterns, some of us made patterns with sound or completed pattern puzzles and some of us created light patterns with our bodies in the dance chamber!

Science – Materials

Class 5 have been investigating materials and their different states in a most delicious way!
While reading James and the Giant Peach during book week we had a most marvellous idea and decided to make some peach jelly! Jelly is very wobbly…….is it a solid or a liquid? We learned that it was a liquid when heated and a solid when cooled.

Book Week – Our favourite books!

Book 1 book 2

Book Week – Sort & Action Time with Ms Barber

This story was about Eli the caretaker. We learnt that God loves us all equally and we mustn’t be too bothered about what others think of us.

Posters in Literacy

Class 5 have been looking at poster design this half term. They decided to make their own posters with useful information on looking after pets. All sorts of information has been included to help budding owners become experts! They have also created fact boxes containing some interesting facts about their pets. Read all about it!

Book Week 

Class 5 are reading Anthony Browne books and have decided to jazz up the book corner with primates from Gorilla and Willy the Wimp. It’s fun down in our jungle book corner.

Tasty Treats for Black History Week

Mo Farah is our Sporting Hero

For Black History Month we have been researching  our Sporting Hero. Class 5 decided to research Mo Farah.

Van Gogh

Class five have been looking at the work of Van Gogh, in particular, his sunflowers. We have been creating our own versions. We have also been making prints using poly board using natural materials gathered from Mayow Park during our science walk.


Images from our instrumental music lessons with Mrs Ewens. This term we have been learning how to play the recorder and read music.

School Council Election

We elected two school council representatives today; one girl and one boy. It’s just like voting for our member of parliament- one person gets one vote each and the candidate with the most votes wins. Class 5 voted for James and Avril.

School Mass

Class 5 went to a whole school Mass on Monday 28th September to celebrate the start of a new school year. We walked there and back with class 3 and 4. Many thanks to all the parents, family members and friends who accompanied us. We enjoyed taking part and joining in with the responses we knew and the hymns that we had practised with Mrs Ewens.

Chosen People

Our topic is The Chosen People. We are learning to thank God for choosing us and making each one of us special. ‘I have called you by your name. You are mine’.

Mayow Park

Class five children visited Mayow Park in groups. We are investigating living things in Autumn and are using classification sheets from The Woodland Trust to look at the variety of trees. We looked at leaf shape and seeds. How many trees can you name?