Class 5-6 AB 2016/17

London Historical Day


Measuring pulse rates



Team Challenges

Maths Puzzles

Making simple machines in science.

Recently we went to the Science Museum.

We have been investigating air resistance.

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In science we have been looking at dissolving and filtering.

How would you clean water on a desert island?

 Fun at the Christmas party.

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We went to Kent Life to study the Victorians.

We made masks at Bonus Pastor School.

We went to Bonus Pastor School and made muffins.

We went to Class 4SBC to share our reading books. We shared our books with them and they shared their books with us.

We had a trip to Dickens World to explore more about the Victorian era.

Pi with Year 6

We used a compass to draw circles, then we measured the radius, diameter and the circumference.


Over the past two sessions in gymnastics we have been looking at balances that included twists, concentrating on body posture, head position and tension in the muscles.

Yesterday we carried out a mirroring task, where we had to work in pairs to demonstrate different balances.

We were asked to think about the heights we worked at and changes in speed. We also looked at the Feldonkrais method of slow body movements.​

Excavating fossils

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Science challenge

What biscuits are the best for dunking in tea?

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