Class 5AB 17/18

We looked at different columns built in Ancient Greece. We decided to build our own using paper, card and paper straws. We hope you agree they are truly magnificent.
We went to Home Park to investigate habitats.
We dissected plants to see what was inside. We then drew and labelled them.
We did lots of experiments during Science week. Here are but a few…
We made slim using various substances. We tested different electrical circuits to find out which ones were more effective. We also made lava lamps using oil, water and food colouring. Finally we made volcanoes and made them erupt using vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda.
Activities during book week.
Experimenting with craters
Our visit to the Imperial War Museum.
DT at Bonus Pastor

5AB Schedule

5AB Autumn Curriculum Map

Stem Challenge
We went to Chatham Dockyard to learn about World War II.