Class 6 2015/16

We took part in Measuring Olympics. We took part in Long jump, Javelin Throw and drawing around ourselves in chalk, all part of measuring length activities this week.

We were reading with class 9 during the Book Swap as part of book week.

In Literacy, we have been looking at performance poetry by Roger McGough. We have looked at features and in class while thinking about Onomatopoeia  we began creating our own sound affects and writing descriptive sentences of the sounds to make our own poems.

We have been studying the Ancient Egyptians this term. We were learning about the processes of mummification. Here are some pictures to show you how.

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Some children were taking part in a Maths problem solving activity where children had to demonstrate what number was left when they take the 10’s or units of 100’s from a number.

Some children were using cubes to help work out times tables problems.

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Some children during a computing lesson where they were programming their own character to perform different tasks.