Class Nine – 2013/14

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Class 9 wrote some reviews in their literacy lessons after they watched the Year 6 production of Wizard of Oz .


On the 7th July 2014, a tense and dramatic show of The Wizard of Oz took place at Our Lady & St Philip Neri school. The show was performed by the cast of year 6 and was beautifully accompanied by different instruments. Watched by the rest of the Juniors , their hairs stood on end and they seemed to be fully captured by the amazing performance.

First of all, Dorothy whom was played by Dagmara was caught in a tornado and was blown to Oz. Luckily the house she was in landed on the wicked witch of the East and killed her, that evil witch was played by Millie. All the costumes went with the characters, some were very basic but very effective. Dorothy had solo’s in a few songs but I really enjoyed ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. She wanted to get back  home, so all she could do was go to the Wizard.

The energetic scarecrow was acted well by Nicole V but didn’t think he had a brain so he joined Dorothy to see the wizard who was humbly performed by Demilade. on the costume she was wearing lots of straw Poking through, she did look like a scarecrow. To fit the character Nicole pretended to stumble every time she walked.

One of the memorable parts was when Dorothy and her friends poured water over the wicked witch of the west who was played by Amanda, whose face was painted green. The witch died and fell to the floor, they got her broom stick and then they were off to the Wizard, which involved going through the forest.

The special effects included using the screen to set the scene and showed a few pictures of them dressed in their colourful costumes. Mrs Ewens and the other musicians played outstandingly and they used different instruments to create suspense and show characters feelings. Bright lights made the costumes show up and the beautiful scenery.

Thank you to all the cast, teachers and the musicians for al their efforts. Also thank you to some of the year 5’s who helped with the scenery. As a school we have found a few hidden talents inside some of our year 6 children. Thank you for making it a wonderful performance.

Review written by Matthew Scully Class 9


On a Monday morning, a special morning, a class of year 6 children performed a tense yet warming show of The Wizard of Oz in our Lady & St Philip Neri School hall.

As the curtains rose, Dagmara as Dorothy beautifully sang the opening song of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. A combination of happiness and sadness rushed through me. Also the rest of the class 11 children sang. Trumpets and pianos accompanied.

All of the characters seemed to stand out but the one that caught my eye was the cart-wheeling scarecrow. Behind the realistic costume was Nicole . V, speaking like she had been practicing lines for years.

I just could not get enough of the flying monkey costumes Mrs PItt made. Also the face paint made all of the characters seem so real!

The scenery which included: fake guns, wands, walking sticks, spray painted cloth and painted backgrounds by class 10 children was a total success. It gave such a good effect!

I can’t thank you enough year 6 children who brought a real treat to the people of Our Lady & St Philip Neri. Thank you for the help given by staff and adults. The Wizard of Oz was once again a great success.

Review written by Louis Mahoney Class 9.


We had an auction to spend our hard earned dollars, that we were given during the year for our hard work and good behaviour.

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