Class R MAB 2016/17

Blasting off into the future and the past!

We are looking forwards and back in time during our last term in Reception Class. We are examining the clues about our planet’s past by looking at real fossils and different sorts of rock.
We are also looking at our Solar System and the place of our own rocky planet within it. We are explorers!


RMAB have five lovely Painted Lady butterflies in a special habitat. We started off with caterpillars that got bigger and bigger. They went into their pupa last week and have been emerging this week. We prepared some nectar ( sugar water) for them. We will release them on Friday.

Bear Hunt @ Horton Kirby

RMAB went looking for the Horton Kirby Bears on Thursday last week. What an adventure we had! Swishy swashy, splash splosh, squelch squerch, stumble trip and tiptoe….luckily, no hoooowooooo! A marvellous time was had by all and the countryside really brought the story to life.

Easter at the Infants

RMAB have been busy with preparations for Easter culminating in our Infant Easter Performance.
We had to read aloud prayers and reflections on the third, fourth and fifth station. Some of us sang in a small group and then all of Reception Class performed Spring Chicken. All of this in front of an audience of parents, family, staff and nursery! We took it in our stride! Many thanks to Mrs Ewens and Marion for the wonderful music.

It’s Alive!

Two weeks on and the fruit has been feasted on by microbes. The decay is plain to see and mould seems to love tangerine! We also found this rather large spider. We will release the beast after a couple of hours observation!

Signs of Spring

RMAB went on a hunt during daily mile today and Spring is very much in evidence!

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Science, number, reading and making up our own Fairy Tales! R-MAB have been very busy indeed!

Fire Station Visit 

RMAB had a visit to the fire station on Thursday 2nd March. We walked there and back in our hi viz jackets. The crew were very welcoming and showed us around the break room and the locker room where they keep their uniforms.
We looked at their equipment and fire trucks. We saw that the truck ladders can reach the tenth floor of tall buildings!
Finally we got to have a go at the fire hose…..some of us got two turns!
Thank you Blue Watch!

Let the learning begin…


We set up lots of number, capacity and science investigation activities for the children. Today we had water based fun with syringes for counting ml in tens, different sized containers and bowls of colourful magic potions……….


So far we have enjoyed making healthy snacks, fruit salad and eating fruit or veg every day as well as walking or running one mile a day. We have also enjoyed hot chocolate and cupcake making. Look out for our healthy pancakes this term!


Outdoor construction gives children the opportunity to work together as a team, be creative, take risks and try things out in a safe environment. Reception class use different media to construct including, Lego, mobilo, junk modelling materials and wood. It’s great fun!

Happy New Year!

RMAB are continuing to build on their knowledge of number to twenty and will be introducing money at the RMAB cafe. Meanwhile, we are moving into phase three of Letters and Sounds using Nursery Rhymes to help us with spelling patterns. And in a land far away, Knights do battle with fairies in a bid to win the castle!


On Monday 5th December we took part in our EYFS Traditional Nativity. Lots of parents came to watch our performance and a few tears were shed! We have worked so hard to learn all of our lines and the many songs we sang. We hope you all enjoyed your morning with us.

Winter Walks

RMAB went on a Winter walk for Daily Mile on Wednesday 30th November. We noticed a chill in the air even though the sun was shining. Frost was everywhere, especially in the shady areas.
Lots of bare trees greeted us in the park casting long frost filled shadows.
We had a nice sprint across the field with a crunch, crunch, crunch under our feet! We even spied the biggest Christmas tree we had ever seen!
We collected natural objects for our display and enjoyed seeing so many dogs wearing coats on their own Winter walks.

Book Week

During Book Week 1/2IBB children came to share their stories with us. They read to us and talked to us about the stories. It was lovely having the opportunity to share books with the older children!

Science Museum

R MAB had a marvellous time in the pattern pod at the Science Museum yesterday. The made ripples, explored fractals, investigated shapes, sounds and even animal tracks!

After lunch, we went down to the garden and had great fun exploring forces, floating and sinking and using all our senses to investigate sound and texture. We recommend you visit if you can though having fun can be very tiring.

Owl Babies

Ready, Steady, GO!

Ready, steady, go! We love our Daily Mile!


We are just mad about tigers in RMAB! Tiger stories, tiger role play, tiger small world, tiger art and tiger roars! Don’t forget to visit your ActiveLearn web page, children. There’s a little Tiger Child film waiting for you. Join in with the story telling fun.

Healthy Snacks

We have been making healthy snacks as part of learning about ourselves. We used low salt crackers, cream cheese, tomato smiles, carrot noses and raisin eyes. They were delicious!


Why don’t you give the free app, Sounds~Write, a whirl! We had great fun having a to at identifying sounds and building words as well as practising forming letters correctly:


Senses Walk

R MAB went on an indoor and outdoor senses walk to see what could find out about our five senses. We closed our eyes to hear more and feel more. We looked carefully at objects for 30 seconds to see if we could remember them all. We went to the kitchens to guess what was for Lunch and we made healthy snacks to explore our sense of taste.



We have been thinking about our hearts and how they work. We watched a short film about the human heart on Junior TigTag and then had a go at exercising vigorously to see what happens to our bodies. So e of us have been doing this during free choice learning using a stethoscope.
What happens to you when you do sixty star jumps?!


Mayow Park

Class RMAB went to Mayow Park on Friday 23rd September to look for clues that Autumn has almost begun. We hunted for signs in the warm afternoon sunshine and thoroughly enjoyed our adventure.
We found all sorts of natural objects and they will make up part of our investigation area on Monday.
We will look carefully at leaf shape and colour as well as all the other goodies we picked up to try and work out what they are! We found acorns, seed cases, feathers, bark and sycamore seeds but made sure that anything that was alive and moving was released back in to the park grounds!
Why don’t you go on an adventure to your local park and see what you can find.
Check out:

Our First Week! 

A busy time is being had by all in RMAB what with sticky dough to be made, Lego towers that must be built, words to be written and fun to be had in unseasonably fine weather. Look out for a whole class photo coming soon as well as a trip to Mayow Park, not to mention the ‘Daily Mile’. Let’s hope the weather continues. Do bring a hat and wear all day sun screen to stay safe in the sunshine.

The Daily Mile

We will be trialling a ‘Daily Mile’ from Monday 3rd October 2016. The initiative is part of the new focus on children’s health and wellbeing.

 What is the Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile improves physical and emotional health. It is inclusive – there is no pressure or competition involved and it’s fun!

We will be taking the children outdoors on either a set route or for a set time of a maximum of fifteen minutes. The children can run, jog, brisk walk or walk along the route taking walking breaks whenever they need to. The aim is to get the children outdoors exercising every day. No need for any special kit or clothes and no need for any preparation at all. Just get outdoors and get moving!

For more information please go on to the webiste:

We are trialling this in the hope that all children at OLSPN will get involved and do the daily mile.