Class R JM

Shrove Tuesday

The children in RJM marked the beginning of lent by making pancakes! Races were held in the playground, Sekhemre managed to flip his pancake really high. Later, we made fresh pancakes and enjoyed sharing them with our friends.

The Jolly Postman

As part of our work on The Jolly Postman story, we have been finding out about different jobs. Sometimes we use dressing up clothes to become a nurse, a builder, a police officer, a postal worker or anything we want!

French Life

The children in RJM have been learning some words in French and have enjoyed playing in the French Cafe in our classroom! Chefs, waiters and customers have made it a busy place to be.

The Little Red Hen

In our story of the Little Red Hen, the wheat is made into flour at the mill. We took advantage of the windy weather and made paper windmills. We tested them inside first!


We have been working on numbers and counting and talking about one more. We are working with numbers to 20, the same number as children in our class!

 Black History Month & Gardening

As part of our celebrations for Black History Month, we read a story about Anansi set in a garden. The children enjoyed making their own garden in school, digging, planting and watering to keep the plants healthy.