Nursery 17/18

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Nursery Spring Term Curriculum 2018
Nursery Autumn Term Curriculum
The Nursery were busy mixing, rubbing, rolling and cutting star shaped shortbread biscuits.  They enjoyed decorating them with icing and sprinkles.
The next day all the children gave a thumbs up and said they were Yummy!
Using the junk modelling materials the children demonstrated their cutting and stick skills when designing their own rocket.
During Circle Time, we talked about our  Firework experiences.  We used the talking egg to help us take turns.
The children were keen to write Firework Invitations, Safety Posters and create their own Warning Signs for Bonfire Night.
Delilah was demonstrating her number skills when she completed the rocket puzzles up to 10 independently………Blast Off!
The creative table is always popular with our nursery children.  They have had many opportunities to create and explore firework creations using a variety of techniques.
The sparkly water attracted a lot of interest.  Everyone was having fun together making glittery water bottle shakers.