Nursery starter letter

To all nursery parents,

This is a reminder that this year the school has decided that all nursery children will wear a uniform to nursery.

The uniform for all nursery children will be grey tracksuit bottoms, a white polo shirt and a navy blue round neck sweatshirt jumper. The children must wear Velcro black trainers.

Children must come to school with a black or navy blue coat every day during the Autumn and Winter months.

All nursery children have been given a start date. Please be aware that on the first day and until your child is settled a parent will need to stay with their child.

On your child’s first day please bring your child to school at 8.45am. If you are a new child, for the first few day you will only stay until 10.15am.

If you have any queries or questions please phone the school office.

Thank you,

Helen Dawkins

Admin Officer