Class Five 2014/2015

Class 5 Meet Their St William of York Pen Pals


We’re going on a snail hunt…

Emily Lamey took some children from class five on a snail hunt. They really enjoyed doing close observation drawings and watching how the snails moved before returning them safely to their natural habitat in the garden. The mini beast hotel has undergone some renovation and looks much more attractive. Class five are growing different plants this term including strawberries. Will they be ready for Wimbledon though? Watch this space!


Road Safety

A visit from our local community PC Andrea was just what we needed to remind us all about safety on the roads.


Birds, Birds, Birds!

On Wednesday 21st January, class five went outdoors to observe local birds and see how tempted they were by our home made birdcake.

Look out for next weeks write up when Mrs Lamey takes a new group to the front garden to see if birds prefer the thicker shrubbery!

The North Wind Doth Blow

Bird Watch

The R we are focusing on this half term is ‘Responsibility’.

Class 5 are taking part in the Big Schools’ Bird Watch, this Winter!
Why not click on the link and download some of the bird spotting resources yourself. Learn about our local birds and what they do in the Winter time.
Which birds from abroad come to visit us?
Class five made some bird cake to attract our feathered friends.

Learn about their life cycles and which ones are endangered. Play your part in this amazing national survey!

 More updates soon.



Christmas Biscuits

Christmas Unwrapped

We had a wonderful time at Christchurch in Purley, creating our very own Nativity Story book. We had a great time unwrapping presents, finding clues and piecing together the real meaning of Christmas through stories and creative activities. Thank you to Judith Barber for making the experience so memorable for all. We wish everyone at Christchurch a happy and holy Christmas. God bless you, EVERYONE!

Gunpowder Plot Poem


In class 5 we have been learning about Diwali. Some of the things we learnt were:

Helen -“Diwali is the festival of light. People light lots of candles”
Deborah – “Diwali lasts for five days and this year starts on the 23rd October”
Hannah – “During Diwali people wake up really early and put on new clothes. They visit their family and friends”
Peter – “During Diwali they light candles to remember Rama and Sita and welcome them back home”
Maya – “People light candles to welcome Lakshmi into their homes”

Mrs Ronan organised a Diwali party for us where we got to try lots of traditional food and drink. We made and decorated our own Diyas and we decorated Rangoli patterns. A few of us also had a go at some traditional dancing.

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God’s Chosen People

In class 5 we have been learning about God’s chosen people with Mrs Ronan in RE. To complete our topic we wrote play scripts and acted out scenes from the stories of either Moses, Abraham or Daniel.

Class 5 Autumn Themed Display

Houses and Homes

Class 5 went out into Forest Hill to have a look at and sketch the different sorts of houses and homes in our neighbourhood. What sort of house do you live in?

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We used our sketches of houses and homes in our local area to create prints using poly boards.

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We are making 3D models of houses and homes for display using a variety of finishing techniques including collage and painting.