Class Seven 2014/2015

In history we have been learning about Vikings.

We have started to make Viking longships. We look forward to sharing our finished longships.

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Class 7 have been learning about rainforests.

In our literacy lessons we learned about the structures of poems and how they often have a rhythm. We tried to create our own poems about rainforest animals.
In our art lesson we used pastels and charcoal to create colourful pictures of rainforest animals.


During Tudor times the ladies and gentlemen would carry pomanders. They would carry them on their waistbands  and take them out if there was a dreadful smell. They would put them up to their noses until the smell had passed. Here are some of the pomanders that the children made. They used oranges and cloves.

In class 7 we used our senses to write Tudor Poems. We thought about what we had seen and heard during our trip to Hall Place. We included interesting adjectives, alliteration and similes in our poems. We learned how Tudor books were often decorated with illustrated letters so we started our poems with an illustrated letter of our own. Finally we learned about the Tudor Rose. We worked in pairs to make Tudor Roses to add to our display.