Traditional Tales

We have been reading about wolves and pigs, bears and forests! We used different materials to build houses, straw, sticks and bricks, just like the 3 Little Pigs.

Welcome to Our Nursery

We have welcomed eight new children to the nursery recently, five more will join us after Easter. A big Welcome to all the new families too.

Learning in Nursery

We are practising our writing in lots of different ways, writing stories, making lists and checking on patients in our hospital!

Year of Mercy

As part of our work to mark the Year of Mercy, we have been thinking about feeding the hungry. Children and families in the Nursery collected food and donated it to those in need.

 Pumpkin Soup

In Nursery we have been growing our own vegetables in the garden. Last week we went out into the garden and saw that our pumpkins were just about ready to eat. Ms Mawson and Marie helped us to make a delicious pumpkin soup. Mr Ringham came down into our class to read us the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ which we loved. We are thinking about which vegetables we should grow for next years harvest!

A busy time in the nursery