Drive for Peace

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This July Lewisham Young Mayor’s Team and The Jimmy Mizen Foundation are taking the Lewisham’s Young Person’s Covenant and a message of ‘Peace, Hope and Change’ to every single pupil in Lewisham. (A covenant is a promise to engage in or refrain from a specified action).

Travelling in the Release the Peace Car and Millwalls double decker bus – ‘Lewisham’s Drive for Peace’ will take 10 Days, visit 76 Primary Schools, 15 Secondary Schools, 5 PRU’s, Lewisham’s Health, Education, & Youth Services, Lewisham Fire Brigade, Lewisham Ambulance Service, Lewisham Police and the Leaders of Lewisham Council including Sir Steve Bullock.

The car and double decker bus will be at the Junior building at Our Lady and St Philip Neri School on Friday 11th July at 11 a.m. to bring the covenant which is a cloth measuring 20m x 10m. The cloth will have the handprint of one child and one member of staff to represent our school.

The two week DRIVE FOR PEACE will bring the Covenant and the Peace Cloth back to Lewisham Town Hall for a celebration and party on Jubilee fields.

The wording of the Lewisham Covenant is below:

Lewisham Covenant

Parents are more than welcome to attend the event. If you would like to come please ensure you are in the Junior playground at 10.50am on Friday 11th July.

As a school we will draft our own set of promises that will be on display in our building after the event.

Lewisham Pupil Ambassadors’ Annual Awards & Celebration Event

“Be the Best that You Can Be”

On Thursday 3rd July, Mr Barber accompanied Nicole and Thomas’ families to the Lewisham Pupil Ambassadors Award. This was a magical night, showcasing the talented students in Lewisham. Here they saw dance, music and acting from a number of schools, interspersed with speakers and the award winners themselves.

Mr Barber thought it was a beautiful touch to see how the awards were given out. The Lewisham Ambassadors, some 20 strong young adults from year 9 upwards, came up to introduce the winners. Here they waxed lyrical to the audience about each child’s achievement before the winner was called down to receive their award. We are incredibly proud of both Thomas’ and Nicole’s achievements and Mr Barber was delighted to share their experience with them.

Well done children on reaping your well deserved rewards.

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Learning about how we learn…

Mrs Ronan did an assembly with us. The assembly was about learning and how we learn. The children had to tell everyone words that explained the way in which they learn and what made them a good learner. (Chinemerem – class 5)

We shared our answers with each other and Mrs Ronan wrote them down for us to hold up. We had a long line of words at the end. When we grow up we still need to be really good learners because we will keep on learning forever. If we become excellent learners then we will be able to learn anything. (Elizabeth – class 5)

When you are older if you want to be someone who goes to the moon in a rocket, you would have to be a good mathematician. You would have to work out how much fuel you would need to get you to the moon and back and you would need to be a great learner to learn how to do that! (Michael – class 5)

Have a look at the long line of words. Are you a good learner?

*In the rush to write down all of the children’s ideas Mrs Ronan spelt ‘concentrating’ wrong! She apologises.

Bee blog

Our Bees have arrived in Mayow Park!

We went to visit Erika at Mayow Park garden. She showed us the bee cabin,  which is behind one of the ponds as it is safer for the bees.
Our buff tailed bumble bees have a white tail and two thin yellow stripes on their thorax.
There are about 40 workers but there is only one queen. She doesn’t usually leave the cabin. It usually takes about three weeks for the larva to hatch into a bee.
Our Lady and St Philip Neri managed to get the funding for our hive by applying for a grant from the NSEW (National Science and Engineering Week) team during our successful Science Week in March 2014.
The money paid for the bee colony and the cabin. Erika was able to get match funding so we got two hives for the price of one! A plaque will be created to show that we are sponsoring the project.
Class 5 have started the Bee Project and are planting lavender plants at the Infants to encourage native species of solitary bumblebees.
We are also keeping Bee logs.
Have a go yourselves and join in with us on

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It’s a wrap! Class 5 cook with Jamie Oliver LIVE!

Friday 16th May 2 pm
Class Five make a Rainbow Wrap

cook liveTwelve children, two adults and two witnesses gathered in the Infant kitchen to be part of an historical event. Food Revolution Day; a live, international cooking lesson led by Jamie Oliver with over 800 other schools and centres!

It was delicious! First there was training to use tools safely, then a step by step guide to creating the mixture and dressing for a very tasty and healthy wrap. We had to concentrate and listen really hard!

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Lunchtime Clubs

Several children have started lunchtime clubs. Some of them include a Dr Who club where they discuss plots and characters. A Media club where they compare books with  movies. Also there is a recorder club where year 6 children help the younger children practice the recorder. Photos to follow.