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Review Two

On Monday 27th June families and friends gathered together to watch the concert. Mrs. Ewens organised the concert so everyone was prepared. The concert took place in our church in Sydenham.

The first thing that happened was the fanfare. Afterwards we sang In The Bin and Harvest Samba and sport relief song. The whole school played recorders, they played Lord of the Dance. The teachers also played the recorders, they played Mad World. Erika from class 11 had a solo. The choir sang a peaceful Ava Maria. Joyful, joyful was mind blowing. Niamh had a solo; Retega and Kian did outstanding raps.                                                          By Nneoma class 7

Review Three

On Monday 27th June at 6pm, the children of Our Lady &  St Philip Neri gave a wonderful performance. It included: brilliant solos,amazing songs,recorders and ensemble with guitars and violins, a lovely choir and a fantastic band with trumpets. They were taught by an excellent music teacher called Mrs Ewens.

The Concert began with a loud fanfare from the trumpets. Next they sang about four or five songs. Then they played recorders. After that the choir came out and sang some songs. When the choir finished, soloists came and sang some beautiful solos. The concert ended with three amzing songs from the band.

All of the audience loved it because they got to see and hear their children sing and dance. Also the music teacher loved it because the school showed the parents what they do.

It was a fantastic experience and an excellent night. We must thank Father Luke for letting them use the church and a big thank you for Mrs Ewens for setting everything up.                                 By Eilidh class 7