Reception Dolphins

Drama – Superheroes

Dolphin class  had a fantastic opportunity to take part in a drama workshop exploring the adventures of superheroes. The children invented our own superheroes characters and flew off to save the world!

dolphin 4

Year of Mercy

As part of our work for the Year of Mercy we reflected on the act of sheltering the homeless . The children decided to create homes in clay, building bricks and paint for our display.


Three Little Pigs

Our topic this term is traditional tales, we read the
Three Little Pigs and explored different building materials such as ice, straw, play dough, bricks and sticks to make houses.  Then we turned a hair dryer on them to mimic the wolf’s huffing and blowing to see which ones were still standing!

We created the scary wolf from the Three little pigs using wool, textured paint and chose matchsticks to represent his nasty sharp teeth!

dolphins 7

Gingerbread Man

Dolphin class recalled the story of the Gingerbread Man and enjoyed performing the story with our paper bag puppets to the rest of the class.  We made our own puppets of all the different characters.

We loved baking, smelling and eating our own gingerbread men!

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been growing our own plants and closely observing the changes.  We planted bulbs, grass seed and beanstalks, just like Jack’s.

dolphin 9


Outdoor Learning

Dolphin class really enjoy playing and learning outside. We can take turns and play cooperatively. We played a hoop and cone game, we marked down our scores on a tally chart.

dolphin 7

Christmas Nativity

To celebrate the birth of Jesus we rehearsed and performed a nativity called a ‘ The Big Star’. Dolphin class worked very hard to learn our lines and the songs. We really enjoyed dressing up and presenting the performance for our parents and carers.

dolphin 6

Christmas Maths

Gingerbread Men

As part of our celebrations for Christmas dolphin class decided to make gingerbread. We enjoyed smelling the ginger spice, mixing and making the dough. We then rolled it out and chose a shape cutter. Next we baked the biscuits, the smell was delicious. When they cooled down we iced our biscuits and took them home to share.


Dolphins had an opportunity to learn about the festival of 'Diwali' this month. We enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita and making Diva lamps. We learned this festival is called the festival of light as Hindus light lots of little diva lamps to set up outside their homes.

Dolphin 2

Book Week

We had a fantastic book week. Our focus story was ' One snowy night' by our author of the week, Nick Butterworth. This photograph shows the dolphins in our role - play area which was set up to represent the different settings in the story, the snowy countryside and Percy's cosy home. We recalled the story using our character puppets and props and enjoyed exploring the settings.

Autumn Term

In Dolphin class we have been learning how to tidy up after ourselves.

We have been using our counting and sorting skills.

We have been reading independently choosing from a range of fiction and fact books in our book corner.

We have also enjoyed sharing chocolate milk with the children in nursery.

Dolphin's In Action

In Dolphin class we are getting to know each other and we are becoming good friends. We are learning to share and take turns.

We are using our imagination to create fantastical homes with our construction resources.

In music, Mrs Ewens is helping us to learn to listen to and name our musical instruments.