Reception MAB

Day 1 Duckling Watch
We have gone all prehistoric! We are also growing our own magic beans.
We set our butterflies free!
We are using healthy food to make picnic food. We cut the sandwiches into halves and quarters. They were yummy!
We are interested in all sorts of animals. We have been exploring mini beasts, sorting quick and slow animals, finding out about life cycles and ‘growing’ real butterflies!
Our Self-Portraits
The caterpillars have entered the chrysalis stage. What is going on in there? Metamorphosis!
The caterpillars are growing!
Our special visitors have arrived!
Summer Curriculum RMAB
We have been learning about the Stations of the Cross in preparation for our Easter Assembly.


First we make the pancakes, then we eat them!
What part of the world do these animals live in?
It’s important to hear the sounds in the correct order when we word build!
Using the sieves to collect the numbers at tidy up time.
We are investigating papier mache. “We need to put the pieces of newspaper nice and flat but it’s sooooo sticky!” We concentrate hard to layer the sheets evenly.
During science week we will be having a race to see which plants will grow fastest, tallest and flower quickest. One question we want the answer to is, do our plants grow during the night when we are all in bed?


Chinese New Year Workshop at The Horniman Museum
What a wonderful day out, filled with learning at every turn!
Everything from tigers, birds and animals galore to human geography and exploring other cultures. We had a whale of time……in fact, some of us got to examine the vertebrae of a whale!
Thanks to all the adults who came with us and made the day extra special.
Reception Class Yearly Overview 2018-19
Numbers, magnets, play dough, Chinese ribbon dancing and eating healthily. All in a day’s work for us. It’s fun to learn!
We have had some surprise readers this week! Parents have been visiting us and telling us some great stories. Many thanks to all who come in and share their love of books with us all. We are loving it!
We love role-play, both indoors and outdoors!
We have been busy planting. We are using plastic syringes to control and measure the amount of water we use for each plant and will carefully observe how they grow.

Reception Spring Term Curriculum 2019

We love panto! RMAB and RVH enjoyed their train journey to The Albany Theatre to watch Pinocchio.
Eva gave a PowerPoint presentation all about Remembrance Sunday. We made our own wreath in memory of those who died in times of war.
We love messy play!
We really enjoyed the month of October. We used all our senses to learn as much as we could for Black History Month including listening to stories, cooking, tasting, playing instruments, role play and art work! What a fantastic experience it was🙂

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We enjoyed a wonderful, sunshine filled day out this week when we set off by bus to Lewisham to visit the Sivan Kovil Hindu Temple to find out more about Diwali Celebrations.
We had a tour of the temple and a story. We also shared our learning by retelling the story of Rama and Sita! Everyone we met was lovely and kind. We had a biscuit and a drink before leaving and decided to have our lunch in the EYFS outdoor area. Many thanks to the parents who came with us, we couldn’t have had our lovely day out without you!


Curriculum Map Reception MAB & VH

Year 6 are such kind helpers!
We have been retelling the story of the Bear Hunt with sound effects. We love music with Mrs Ewens!
We have made a great start to our final year in Early Years! We have a lot planned and hope you will share the journey with us.