Reception MAB

Reception Spring Term Curriculum 2019
We really enjoyed the month of October. We used all our senses to learn as much as we could for Black History Month including listening to stories, cooking, tasting, playing instruments, role play and art work! What a fantastic experience it was🙂

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We enjoyed a wonderful, sunshine filled day out this week when we set off by bus to Lewisham to visit the Sivan Kovil Hindu Temple to find out more about Diwali Celebrations.
We had a tour of the temple and a story. We also shared our learning by retelling the story of Rama and Sita! Everyone we met was lovely and kind. We had a biscuit and a drink before leaving and decided to have our lunch in the EYFS outdoor area. Many thanks to the parents who came with us, we couldn’t have had our lovely day out without you!


Curriculum Map Reception MAB & VH

Year 6 are such kind helpers!
We have been retelling the story of the Bear Hunt with sound effects. We love music with Mrs Ewens!
We have made a great start to our final year in Early Years! We have a lot planned and hope you will share the journey with us.