Class R MAB 17/18

The end is almost upon us and we are remembering all the learning and fun we have had during our last year in Early Years. Year One……bring it on! We are ready!
Mrs Barlow and Mrs Olczak will miss you very much but look forward to visiting you in your new classes in September❤️
Our butterflies are emerging and our beanstalks are flowering!
Science in action.
Ready, Steady…….Investigate!
We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, it was a beautiful day and we were very brave!      We enjoyed our extraordinary adventure going through swishy, swashy, splash, splosh, squealch, squearch, stumble trip, hoooowooooo and tip toe to find a bear in the woods!
London History Day
Summer Outdoor Learning
Bear Hunting is a serious business!
After reading all about Jack and his beanstalk, we decided to have a go at planting our own beans. We learned all about the bean life cycle, did some observing and measuring over time as well as predictions for best growing conditions. We even made our own Eco system in a bag! Look at those roots! We think it’s time the beans were transplanted outdoors. Watch this space.
We made some delicious pizza at the Beckenham Pizza Express. We travelled by bus. We enjoyed learning about all the ingredients and where they come from. We took our pizza home to share with our families. They were delicious!                                                                Many thanks to the adults who accompanied us.
Summer Curriculum EYFS
Summer Early Years newsletter
Spring Term Stars

Good bye and good luck to Mrs Holdaway. We will miss you!

What do you think will happen to the fruit?
We have been investigating what is inside different fruits.Do you know which fruits these seeds match up with?
Velcro!  We looked closely at which bit was the hook bit.      Amazing how clever and useful Science is!
Miss! The tomatoes are growing!
We were pleased to welcome Laura and baby Henry to a special Q&A session for Science Week. We learnt all about how to look after babies and all the things they need to be happy, healthy and safe. Henry was adorable and even did a roll over for us!!
We’re going on a penguin hunt,
We’re going to catch a little one,
What a cold day,
We’re not scared!
We  have been enjoying the snow and ice and have been finding out about penguins
And how they look after their chicks. What an adventure we have had!
We loved our trip to the Horniman Museum for a Chinese New Year workshop.
We love having fun in the snow!
And we’re off! Spring term has got off to a wonderful start full of creativity, imagination and investigation. Work and play seamlessly blended with a pinch of chat and heaps of team work. Early Years rocks!
Our ‘Learn Together’ sessions on Tuesdays 8.15am and Thursdays 3.15pm have begun and we are enjoying having quality time to fine tune our reading skills. Please speak to Mrs Barlow or Mrs Hiller if you are interested in dropping in with your child.

Star Achievers

Reception Spring Term Curriculum 2018

Run, run as fast as you can!

We have been busy making some gingerbread men. We are about to bake them. Hopefully they will be cool enough to ice by this afternoon!

This is us dressed up ready for our nativity.

What a talented bunch we are!
 We had a lovely surprise visit today. We were able to ask questions about how owner and ICT expert, Adam, looks after his adorable ‘Westie’, Dougal. We learnt a lot about Dougal and his daily routines. We even got to have a stroke and say hello. It was wonderful to have such great visitors. Dougal was so well behaved and a very beautiful and friendly dog.
Thank you to Adam for bringing him!
We are reading Handa’s Surprise as part of our Black History Month Curriculum and there’s lots to get excited about. We are making pastel pictures, line drawings, looking at what is inside different fruits and then making fruit salad. We will also be retelling the story using masks and props.
Autumn is upon us and we are making the most of the lovely weather. We’ve also been busy collecting Autumn objects to explore and classify. We have been busy bees with our print making on polyboard. Come and see the display in the downstairs corridor at the Infants!

Reception Autumn Term Curriculum 2017

We had a Friday treat and made our own healthy, veg packed pizza. Yum yum!
We have already begun our Daily Mile with a real thirst for knowledge about the natural world around us. We are also learning how to walk safely with our partners, crossing roads and using our senses. Watch this space and share our many discoveries including the changing seasons. We hope to use the natural materials we found today  as inspiration for our autumnal prints.
We have got off to a flying start this September. We have been learning, playing, making new ( and rekindling old) friendships and settling into the new routines of ‘big school’!